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Sadly, we woke up yesterday to the news of yet another tragic and heartbreaking event—something that is all too common these days.

This morning, I received Stephen Waguespack’s (President of LABI), View: The Quest for Common Ground. In it, I feel he encapsulated very clearly so many insightful thoughts. Seeking common ground these days is more important than ever, but unfortunately it seems so difficult and rare.

We are too quick to judge and too unwilling to listen.

In his article, Stephen quotes Winston Churchill:
“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
Perhaps, we all should try to understand when to speak and when to listen.

“I do not like that man. I need to get to know him better.”

Abraham Lincoln is credited with this quote that simply reinforces something we were all taught as a kid but too often forget as an adult – the value in looking beyond our differences and instead striving to find common ground where possible. His advice is especially relevant today considering the national effort to recover and learn from recent events related to crime prevention and justice in American cities, including our own capital, Baton Rouge.

Understanding the perspective of others is easier said than done. Everywhere we turn, we are constantly reminded about the differences between us rather than the opportunities for cooperation and alignment.

Click here to read Stephen Waguespack’s President’s View: The Quest for Common Ground.


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  2. Marty, Thanks for forwarding this great article… Sure makes you stop and think… We’d all be so much better off if we all would practice what is preached here… Keep safe, Wally

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