President’s Message: Together, we prospered

We’ve undoubtedly experienced challenging times over the past two years, but through it all, we not only persevered but rather we got stronger and better as a company and as a team. As a result, I’m proud to report that Stirling Properties emerged from 2021 with a record year!

Our success did not happen by accident, but rather because of the groundwork we’ve laid over the years—hard work, the solidarity and strength of our team, and our culture.

Take a look at some of our impressive results over the last couple of years. These were all accomplished with the collective effort of our entire team.


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  1. Well done Stirling! We like working with people who share our values, and you guys do. All the best from Ryan Gootee General Contractors (RGGC) and cheers to doing more work with you guys in the future!

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