National Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Online Sales Tax Collection at Time of Purchase

As a follow-up to one of my previous President’s Messages about the Marketplace Fairness Act, I wanted to comment about a recently conducted national poll by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

The results of the poll show that the majority of American consumers (64%) are aware that they are required to pay state sales or use tax on online purchases, if not collected by the online seller, when they file their state income tax.  However, other research indicates that over 98% don’t report such purchases.  The poll also shows that 78% of voters feel it would be easier to pay state sales or use tax on online purchases at the time-of-purchase, rather than through special forms or when they file their state income taxes.

This poll is proof that the public is aware that this is NOT A NEW TAX, but rather one that isn’t being paid because it slips through the loopholes in the law.  The current loophole is draining our state and local governments of desperately needed revenues for education, health care, police, firefighters and teacher pay, etc.  Estimates of lost sales taxes in Louisiana alone due to internet sales range up to $800 million.

There is now overwhelming support for the collection of online sales tax at the time of purchase.  We need to close this loophole NOW before it doubles in size.

You can read more about the poll results in this ICSC Press Release.

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