Stirling Stewardship Event Raises $25,000!

This past Friday, employees and agents gathered for the first-ever Stirling Properties Office Olympics, an event hosted by the Stirling Stewardship Committee to raise money for charitable causes.  The event was a HUGE SUCCESS and a total of $25,000 was raised! Over 50 employees and agents were divided into 8 teams with each team choosing their team name, team colors, team song, and charity to contribute donations and winnings. Charities selected by the teams included March of Dimes, Red Cross, St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, St. Tammany Hospital Foundation (in honor of Lee de la Houssaye), American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, St. Jude’s, and Children’s Advocacy Center/Hope House. Teams collected over $20,000 of the total raised through personal donations and attaining sponsors for their team. Congratulations to our teams! Teams were able to earn points the week leading up to the Olympics by correctly answering Stirling Employee Trivia or the ever-popular “Where’s Marty’s Bobblehead” questions. Special points were also given to the team that raised the most money and the Most Unique Team. On the day of the Olympics, teams competed in 8 events – Golf Chipping, Fish Casting Contest, Wii Bowling, Trash Can Basketball, Shooting Contest, Hula Hoop, Root Beer Pong and a Tricycle Relay Race. Scores were tallied at the end of the day and medals were give to the top overall teams. The Gold Medal overall went to Team Nerdy…congratulations to Paul Mastio, Beezie Landry, Karen Bachemin, Courtney Lehman, Monica Milazzo and Judy McKee!  Extra money was donated to their charity by the Stirling Stewardship Committee!  Congratulations also goes to Jeff Marshall, Chris Abadie, Samantha Marshall, Peggy Sayler, Sharon Amacker and Nancy Stallings of Snail Team 6 who earned the Silver Medal.  Townsend Underhill, Joseph Koon, Cyndie Quave, Jeanne Taravella, Amanda Pfeil, Dina Moran and Angelique Bates of Arrested Development took home the Bronze Medal. At the end of the day, in an effort to raise even more money, the ownership team volunteered to have pies thrown in their faces, but employees and agents had to outbid them for the right to throw the pie.  Pies were smashed in all but one owner’s face. Employees were obviously motivated to smash a pie in an owner’s face as over $4,500 was collected toward the overall total. One pie even went for $1,200! A special thanks to the Stirling Stewardship Committee for all their hard work on organizing the event and making it happen.  A fun day was had by all and we look forward to more events like this in the future!