Stirling CEO Comments on “Gameloft to open major development studio in New Orleans”

Yesterday’s announcement of Gameloft’s decision to expand to New Orleans is a significant milestone for our city- not necessarily because of the number of jobs but for what it represents.

The announcement culminates over a yearlong effort by LED (Louisiana Economic Development) and GNO, Inc (Greater New Orleans, Inc. Regional Economic Alliance) to lure this company whom they had targeted.

When Gameloft first started looking, New Orleans didn’t even hit the radar screen, but in the end, we beat out cities such as Austin and Seattle to become only the second US based location for this French company and also the only one in Louisiana that will actually be developing video games here.

I believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Click here to read the news release by LED.

Martin A. Mayer
President & CEO