The Advantage of a Three Step Insured Property Loss Claims Strategy

You just received a call on your cell that a small fire has occurred at the office building you manage and coincidentally operate out of.  You return to your office to find that while the fire was small, the subsequent fire sprinkler damage is heavy…. Now what?

Insured property loss claim events are often ill-timed and come in a variety of types and sizes.  While the occurrence is hardly predictable, the proper management of a claim process should lead to predictable results.  As with any challenging situation you encounter in business, gaining and maintaining the advantage is the key to success.  At Stirling, we use a simple three step strategy.  This strategy will prepare you with the tools to tackle the simple, and the complex insured property loss claims and create predictability throughout the claim and restoration process.  (more…)

October 4, 2011|Blog, Management Services|
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