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President’s Message: Celebrating 40 Years

President's Message

As we begin 2015, I am excited to announce that Stirling Properties will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of its founding.  As I reflect on this significant milestone, I take pride in all we have overcome and accomplished and I am thankful for all of our dedicated team throughout the years that led us to this point.

In 1975 (before some of our current employees were even born), Jimmy Maurin and Roger Ogden started a real estate company focused on developing shopping centers.  The following year, Chip Songy joined them.  It was their vision and spirit of entrepreneurship that established such a solid foundation from which we have built the Stirling Properties of today – a full-service commercial real estate company focused on the Gulf South.  It is their legacy that we carry forward and continue to grow.  To them, we will always be grateful.

While so much has changed in the world, in our markets, and in our company over the years, the culture and values at Stirling Properties remain firmly rooted in integrity, professionalism, teamwork and commitment to our industry and the communities we serve.  Through ups and downs in the market, hurricane recovery and economic uncertainty, putting our clients first continues to be our top priority.  As we grow, these values will always guide us.

And none of this would be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Stirling Team.  It is because of the Stirling Team that we are able to accomplish so much each and every year and I am thrilled Stirling Properties has such an incredible group of professionals.  As we embark on our 40th year, I look forward to a year full of progress and success, built upon the foundation developed over the last 40 years.

January 9, 2015|Blog, Corporate, President's Message|
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