Stewardship Request Form


To be considered for a charitable contribution, an organization must be a tax-exempt, not-for-profit entity as defined under Section 5.0.1 (c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code.

The Company’s charitable contribution program may not support:

  • Individuals, including but not limited to pageant contestants, individual student trips or projects, and individual sports competitors;
  • Multi-year commitments (unless a specific strategic rationale exists and the Company reviews for renewal annually);
  • Operating costs of organizations;
  • Legislators, political organizations, or campaigns.

Stirling reserves the right to review, evaluate, accept, or decline requests for charitable contributions and/or volunteers according to pre-approved budgets, corporate objectives, and established decision-making guidelines, processes, and protocols. Receipt, acceptance, or consideration of a request does not constitute approval of the request.

Stirling’s Stewardship Committee strives to review active requests within six (6) weeks of receipt but may extend review based on the need for additional information, more detailed information, and other factors affecting a final decision. The Stewardship Committee acknowledges approval of donation requests verbally or in writing.

Stewardship Request Form

Please complete and submit the request form for consideration to our Stirling Properties Stewardship Committee.

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(Identical to the name used on IRS Form 990)
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