Walgreens on Magazine – Update 12/26/12

With the holidays upon us, Magazine Street is buzzing and so is the Walgreens construction site. The interior work now revolves around finalizing all the sheetrock work, floor preparation for italian tile, electrical services and the placement of the American Legion Medallion Logo. When we first looked at the development of this building it was clear from the beginning that the heritage of the American Legion Post should be maintained in the final form of our new store. One piece of the original building is the old terrazzo floor medallion that was carefully lifted out of the floor, and is now being prepared to be repositioned near the rear entrance of the parking lot. This will be a striking feature as you enter the building and will highlight the high level of standard of our Nation’s Armed Services. The frontage along Magazine Street is now complete with the brick vineer and precast stonework and will now see the final detail work of stucco. It will not be long before the scaffolding is down and it will be a beautiful sight.