Walgreens on Magazine – Update 8/20/12

Walgreens Magazine: American Legions TileOne of the main iconic symbols of the former American Legion Hall will be relocated within the new Walgreens retail floor area as a tribute to the former Service Men and Women who built and maintained this Post.  Originally our plans were to try to recreate the image in another location of the store, but after some serious “napkin engineering” our Contractor [Shamrock Construction] devised a plan to excavate, underpin and relocate the symbol thereby saving the original Terrazzo Artwork.  The new store will have all new finishes throughout, as well as a wall of dedication to the former American Legion Hall that will consist of images of photos and memorabilia of the once busy Hall.   Shown in the image are team Shamrock craftsmen and supervisors in the initial stage of removal…..stay tuned for more.

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